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glacier waterSUMMARY

  1. What is the Fourth Phase of Water?
  2. How do we create an Exclusion Zone?
  3. Why should you drink water as cold as possible?
  4. How can we use light to increase blood circulation?
  5. Why you might want to drink Chia Seeds?
  6. Why you need to cuddle and have more sex

Everyone knows that water is essential to life. Most people know that our body is made up of 67% water. What fewer of us know is that 99% of the molecules in our body are water. This is because water molecules are so small relative to the other molecules in our body such as proteins, which are huge in comparison.     

When I heard this, my ears really perked up.  What would happen if we could optimize 99% of the molecules in our body? Would we have more energy, the ability to heal our self, better health just by drinking the right water?

Well…this is what the work of Gerald Pollack, PhD – Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, suggests. His most recent book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, is the product of the past 6+ years of his work on the physics of water.

Dr. Pollack’s work is said to be “The most significant scientific discovery of this century”, by some of his contemporaries.

Pollack’s book illustrates some very interesting properties of water. These properties can be observed in what he calls, the fourth phase of water. This is also known as Exclusion Zone water (EZ water) or structured water. Pollack has discovered some very interesting properties of water in his exploration of the origin of life.  Check out his TEDx Talk to hear from the man himself.

Today I’m going to share how you can use these discoveries to improve your health and maximize the benefits you receive from water.

Dr. Pollack’s experiments have found definitively that EZ water builds on hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces when infrared (IR) light is present.  Visible light also builds EZs, but not as well as IR light.  IR light is always present both night and day, winter and summer, so the fuel for building an EZ in water and in a cell is always present, and it is always free.

EZ water is not like everyday water. It is very ordered and its chemical structure is actually H3O2. Its physical and chemical properties are very different than H2O. It is more viscous, alkaline, and denser than regular water. It’s actually very much like a liquid crystal.

EZ water excludes solutes, hence the name Exclusion Zone. It has a negative charge, can hold energy, and is essentially a battery. There is also a positive charge beyond the EZ.  It forms an ordered array of molecules, where as regular water molecules are randomly oriented. These ordered layers can build up to millions of layers.

The energy we get from water is free. Sun light or IR light absorb into water creating a charge separation. This energy from light builds the EZ in water. This essentially builds the battery of life and is somewhat similar to the way plants use photosynthesis. And this EZ water is very important for our health.

It turns out that the water in our cells is EZ water. Water is central to everything the body does and every function of the cell. Our cells release the energy from this EZ water in the form of electrons, making it available for chemical reactions in the body.

Dr. Pollack believes that when we get sick, for example our kidney or our heart not functioning properly, that this is caused by the proteins in these cells not working effectively. Proteins are the workers in our body and they are designed to work in EZ water. If they don’t have the water they can’t do their job.

So how do we get better? We need to get our cells back into pristine condition. We can’t easily supply the protein but to help fix the protein we can eat the right food.  We also need to replace the EZ water that may be missing in the cell to help these newly manufactured proteins get back into shape.

Pollack believes the negative charge is the basis of all energy. 60% of our body is made up of cells and they are filled with EZ water so our cells are negatively charged along with most of the other tissues in our body. When we pee, sweat, respire, or go number 2 we are getting rid of positive charge and unstructured water.

Some of the best ways to increase EZ water in your body are:

  • Sunlight – expose as much of your body as possible. 15 minutes is great and 30 minutes even better. Why do we feel great at the beach? We are building EZ water in our body. Fortunately we can get sun from about anywhere and sun between 8am – Noon and 4pm – 7pm is best
  • Sauna – sitting in a sauna for 20-30 minutes builds up your EZ water. An IR sauna is even better
  • Grounding – this is simply making contact with your body to the earth. So walking around barefoot or laying on the sand at the beach are both great. Grounding works because the earth is negatively charged. This charge is infused into your body and your cells get negatively charged and create more EZ water in your body
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – this creates pressure and increases oxygen in your blood creating more EZ water in your cells
  • Cold Thermogenesis (Ice baths) – cold exposure has many benefits, building EZ water being one of them. Gradients of temperature across your body build EZ
  • Cuddling and/or having sex – our bodies release IR light. This is the heat you feel when you go in a crowded room. When you cuddle you absorb that light from your partner thus helping to maintain your EZ. The same principal applies to sex

Side note: I’ve done HBOT with some positive effects but it’s expensive. A biohack I just started to use to replicate the effects of pressure is swimming underwater. The deeper you go the more pressure on your cells thus building EZ. I’ve just started this experiment and have noticed improved sleep when I do this. Instead of swimming on top of water like most people, hold your breath and go under for as long as you can. Just make sure there is a lifeguard around if you’re not a strong swimmer.

Drinking EZ water works too. It restores the water in your cells and is absorbed much more rapidly than ordinary water. Dr. Pollack recommends the following as the best sources of EZ water:

  • Spring water is best because it comes from deep within the earth. It’s under a lot of pressure and pressure is another key to building EZ water.
  • Glacial melt is really good though it is not accessible to most of us
  • Ice water – EZ grows like crazy when the temperate of water goes down and right before it turns to ice. You don’t go directly from water to ice. You go from water to EZ to ice and you go from ice to EZ to water and this is why glacial water and ice water are excellent sources of EZ water
  • Mineral water – minerals are hydrophilic so EZ forms around them
  • Juicing – the juice from veggies/fruits is plant cell water which is EZ water
  • Chia Seeds produce some of the highest EZs when you mix them in water
  • Vortexed water – When you create a vortex in water you put more energy into it increasing EZ
  • Oxygen – When you increase oxygen content in water you get more EZ. A hack I use to do this is pouring water through my Vinturi wine aerator
  • Colloidal silver – lots of EZ builds around these ions
  • Aspirin – this increases EZ by up to 3 times
  • Probiotics – these increase EZ by up to 50%

Dr. Pollack’s research also uncovered some things that destroy EZ water. Some of them are:

  • Glyphosate – this is the main ingredient in Round Up that is sprayed on GMO foods, wheat, and other conventional crops, so if you want to maintain your EZ avoid foods that have been sprayed with this
  • Anesthetics – if you ever go under for surgery be sure to replenish yourself with lots of EZ water afterwards
  • Heavy metals – these are on his list to test and he strongly suspects that they destroy EZ
  • Chloride & possibly fluoride – he has proven that chloride destroys EZ in his lab. He has not done this with fluoride however he strongly suspects it does as well
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) – he knows they affect EZ water and he will be running more experiments on these

Some other key points

Sunlight is critically important to our health. Light builds up EZ water in our cells and this improves our health and it even improves our circulation. Pollock has done experiments in the lab to demonstrate that light drives flow and he believes that light helps drive the flow of blood and is responsible for pushing red blood cells through our capillaries.

This is a very new concept and Pollack is running further tests on this now. The interesting thing about our capillaries is that they are really small (3-4 micrometers), and are in fact smaller than the size of red blood cells. Red blood cells need to literally bend and squeeze to get pushed through our capillaries. The Russians did an experiment and determined that the heart would have to produce nearly a million times more pressure than it is capable of in order to push red blood cells through our capillaries.

Based on this finding, Pollack believes the cause of cold hands and feet is a lack of IR light in these extremities causing poor circulation. I have had this issue for years and will be doing some experiments with IR light when it gets cold to see if I can fix this.

Sugar actually builds EZ but too much sugar in the blood makes the blood too thick and it doesn’t flow well. Pollack believes this causes neuropathy and decreased flow to the peripheral tissues in diabetics, possibly leading to the amputation of limbs.

Another benefit of EZ water is the negative charge in your body is antimicrobial. So when you increase your negative charge harmful bacteria cannot survive as well.

Other uses for EZ on the horizon

  • Filtration – this can be a potentially cheap way to provide clean water. With this method no filter is needed and the energy comes from sun light. A filterless filter that achieves purification courtesy of incident electromagnetic energy has already demonstrated that contaminants can be separated to a ratio of 200:1 in a single pass
  • Water desalination – California is in big trouble. Could this be a potential solution? The main problem with modern desalination is it is very energy intensive and therefore expensive. The good news is California has lots of sun so they have the energy to do this. Let’s hope this technology is available in the very near future
  • Energy – there could be a potential for obtaining energy from water and of course this would be very clean

These findings are very new and there are still a lot of unknowns. Pollack has already ruffled many feathers in the scientific community by questioning some long-held beliefs of how the cell works, namely the membrane pump theory. He did this in his bestselling book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life and he’s sure to ruffle more feathers with his latest book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor.

I’ll be sure to keep my readers up to date on Pollack’s exciting, groundbreaking work. Give some of his ideas a try and let me know if you have any positive benefits. You really can’t go wrong drinking more high quality water.



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