Why Light is More Important Than Food

I discussed this idea in a recent facebook live that I did and I explained this idea by talking about the percentage of your brain that is wired to light and the percentage of your brain that is wired to food.

I then wrote a post about it and it went completely viral (at least for me) with nearly 200 shares.

Some of the conversation got pretty heated. It turns out this idea is kind of controversial. Let me start by saying that food matters. You want to eat the best quality food you can.

But if you don’t get your light right, you’re going to run into problems and you will never reach optimal. That’s just the way we’re built.

When I first heard that light is more important than food it just didn’t compute. It wasn’t until I heard Dr. Jack Kruse explain how the brain works that it finally clicked for me. (He’s been a neurosurgeon for 27 years so I trust him when it comes to the brain)

So here goes…a human being has 8 lobes in their brain. You have 2 frontal, 2 parietal, 2 temporal, and 2 occipital lobes, one in each hemisphere.

The occipital lobes control vision and light and you have 2 of them so 25% of your brain is directly wired to light.

The other 6 lobes have parts called the association cortex and light projects to this area as well and when you add them all up 48% of your brain gets influenced by light.

Now where does food come in? Food gets wired to the leptin receptor which is in your hypothalamus. The hypothalamus makes up 1% of your brain and it projects to 10% of the neurons on your cerebral cortex.

So there you have it. 48% of your brain is wired to light and 10% is wired to food.

What do most people focus on?

Maybe it’s time we paid more attention to the 48%.

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